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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  July 28, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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payne is coming up on his show "making money with charles payne" ♪ ♪ charles: tonight on "making money with charles payne", is minimum-wage really the same fight as the fight on civil rights? this wage fight is getting out of hand. we have more on pulling oneself up by the bootstraps. and the idea that expensive consumer goods is just as much damage to the notion that young americans never learn right from wrong. we are going to take on both sides of that coin. also, this is due tweaks for
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earnings and economic data, including the latest on jobs. we will talk about all of that with you. let's do this, let's get started and let's go make some money. ♪ ♪ charles: hello, i am charles payne. welcome to our show, "making money." we are going to help you make a lot of money by investing in the upmarket. our investment pros include this great panel. and i say to you dress-up today. >> i did. i have the hair and the address. >> i love that tide, it's perfect. i can't take keep my eyes off your tie.
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>> welcome to the panel. >> thank you, it's great to be here. >> uart jobs expert. and of course, kate rogers. social media group,. >> a lot of people are fired up about this with the civil rights movement comparison. charles: if we said it once, we will say it again. i'm not dissing daytrading, but there's a lot of ways to make a lot of better money and it's the idea of investing and managing your portfolio and that's exactly what we're here to help you with. we call it the real deal and would look the on the headlines and under the hood with the nuts and bolts that make a difference. so it is the minimum-wage fight. let's talk about that for a moment. the right to unionize workers
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who are comparing themselves to the civil rights movement and vowing to engage in nonviolent civil is obedience. so it's an insult to workers themselves. small business owners as well. people who actually work for minimum wage. telling workers that it's okay to demand higher wages now. and this is you, this is who you are. it's like a nationality, a religion, so let's try to get you more money. >> i know these people are protesting that they want to have a minimum wage of $15. i did this enemy that he would make 30,000 dollars before taxes each year annually. so what ends up happening is that people below 30,000 dollars, 55% of the people making that much don't really have a rainy day fund. studies show that you really
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don't save or even if you go up a little bit in that income bracket. so you're not saving more and really in terms of making more money. charles: but civil rights, when you are born in this country and you can make demands on your employer -- how does that work them in. >> you have the option if you want to educate yourself to have a job that's higher than minimum wage. a lot of people don't have a high school degree or have a job that pays minimum wage. >> they are complaining that they want to get paid more, but they're not doing anything to get to a level where they deserve this. >> it means that you have free will and there's a difference, looking at 19 different states that raised minimum wage. raising them by just 1 dollar increase the unemployment rate by nearly 1.5 percentage points and when you look at these
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unemployment rates, five percentage points. >> the other impact that you have to think about is what is this going to do to businesses? into the fast food restaurants and have to raise the minimum wage to $50 per hour. so they will be increasing their prices of food and beverages and trying to cover it. >> they can actually slow down hiring an impact job creation in this country. there's a lot of broader economic conditions and you have a couple of issues going on here. >> we have some people fired up. we asked people's opinions and missy says fast food workers from a $15 an hour is too much, if you want more money, get a real job. go on strike because you will a people's lives by doing so and then we have randy this as my first job paid $1.10 an hour and the idea is to improve as you
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go, and $8000 was my height. >> i have a serious issue with the idea that we should make the lowest in people aren't going to get out of their circumstances if you keep rewarding them for what they are. so i have walked where security guards work for eight hours with a headset on. you could get education and change your life. >> it's a great point. because sometimes the business just can't afford it. >> we have seen that over and over again. okay, guys, let's blow that whistle and open up the page from our playbook. to a large degree, it's baffling and a nation where there are so many higher paying jobs right now. so many jobs out there that need
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someone for work. there's a labor and skills mismatch in this nation that has been underscored more recently, 33% say it is a labor shortage and 46% say it's a skills mismatch. but the job is there, get the skills like was said. overwhelmingly these job openings do not require a college degree and according to, the top occupation with the most job openings is the trucking industry. less than a percent require college degrees and 53% technical work, 33% a high school diploma. last week we had swift transportation. they had a lack of drivers and the stock went down 14%. trucking is not easy but a person earns a livable wage instead of shaking down low
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margin businesses and people should consider taking jobs that are out there and available even if it means that you have to work with the skill set, it's a lot more than demand and higher wages. so this brings us to our real deal according to the american trucking association, the country is currently short 30,000 drivers. so what is the deal with all those higher than minimum wage jobs? >> over 30,000, it's only projected to grow an additional 300,000 of your 2020. what is happening with trucking is that there are more opportunities out there. so someone that may be drove a truck or a tractor-trailer years ago, now they want more time with their family and possibly getting close to retirement age, they don't want to be on the road. >> you work with people looking for a job. the people that are saying that higher minimum wages a civil rights issue, why not just going
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to qualify for one of those jobs? >> these jobs pay 36 to $46,000 per year and you can earn a lot some trainingtime as well, but and you have to work hard and put that effort and because it will take a little bit of work. >> it's not an easy job. i think people get caught up in how you have to do that training at a cost anywhere between 1000 and $10,000 to get yourself up and running and the problem is you have to take that money and instead of buying the '90s or whatever, you have to be wise. sometimes i think some people think that trucking is beneath them. they want to go get a fancy college degree. >> some are demanding $15 an hour, the jobs are there. >> there are a lot of jobs that you don't necessarily have to have a degree for.
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>> people don't want to do that, flipping a burger, you could do that with your eyes closed. but when it comes to driving a truck, it's not the easiest thing in the world. you're making minimum wage. if you want the money, go get it >> chelsea says i don't think there's a skills gap in expectations gap and i think that that works on both sides. >> let's just say to you have less than a high school diploma. what do you expect? >> i don't disagree with that. charles: we hear the president talk about wages, and they are thinking that somebody owes me something. >> is it fair to the person that has a college degree? it's not fair to that person. >> have the people wind up going to school don't finish them so they won't graduate with their degree and then they have the added college debt. i think that's another issue as
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well. >> there are some people that work hard and to that point you really have to go out and work hard for it. >> you have to set goals and make sure your bettering yourself. >> there's a lot of kids and young people thinking that maybe the government is going to give it to me. all right, guys, for making enough to making too much. depending on how you define it, i'm talking about the flu. we will get to the bottom of it and stay with me if you want to make some money.
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charles: breaking news, a judge has squared away that $2 billion sale of the los angeles clippers and this is a preliminary ruling
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giving his wife the authority to sell the team, donald sterling got into hot water over racist comments that he made and he did not know they were being recorded and nevertheless they come out to the public. the buyer is steve ballmer formally of microsoft. we are talking about affluence and rich people running amok, if you will and this could be a classic example. >> obviously $2 billion he couldn't sell for $1 million so he should take that money and be happy. >> i think the same thing, take the money and run, i'm tired of hearing about it. >> if someone offered you $2 billion to something, that is a big deal. >> it is now about to ruin their
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season and the season is coming up and they're going to start playing some games. >> to match point, it would have been interesting the how many people were gone through. but what about the idea of the way that this was made, does that change this a little bit? that a lot of people say things behind closed doors and we don't ever want anyone to know what we say behind closed doors. >> there were some comments and nobody is perfect. a lot of things that we say behind closed doors, the head of the nba can foresee this well because of your personal thoughts. but this is good for the nba.
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>> i think this is all sort of set up is getting a little bit of the sale. >> or 15 minute, she was trying to cash in on whatever it is and i'm sure she'll have this going. charles: okay, guys. let's talk about this for a moment. there are two definitions, the first one is a socially transmitted condition of waste. there's a lot to be said about old. but the national conversation is angel by efforts to make this so unbecoming that it's worthy of punishment. so we are a nation fueled by contention. so much so that populations around the world depend on the insatiable appetite to have a good life or it is not just about this but the middle class.
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middle class americans who can buy flat panel tvs and leased cars. are we pushing as a nation too far? are we too much into consumerism >> i think that there is nothing wrong with reaching for things and we just have the luxury rap on the show and i think it's a good thing to answer things in this drive for them but not over to the and word out of touch with reality. are you no longer know right from wrong. we should have a moral compass no matter how rich or poor we are. >> i don't think this is a new thing. the great gatsby was based off of this culture. >> but back in those days there were a select few that could actually get involved and others a lot of people. so a lot of people, maybe they have it because it may be cheaper and a foreign country,
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but this is more of a nationwide situation. >> i hate to say it, but i'm a retail analyst that sees it all the time and most importantly i see it during black friday, people trying to punch each other to get these flatscreen tv. charles: at the perfect time to stop and blow the whistle yet again. let's open up a page from our investment playbook. i mentioned that there are two definitions for affluence and let's talk about the definition. the inability to understand consequences of one's actions because of the financial privilege and this definition is a serious issue. for me it doesn't attack capitalism but about rich people feigning ignorance of laws and boundaries because they've never had to deal with the consequences of being wrong or challenge. children are born into wealth and nurtured and they aren't oblivious right and wrong. a lot of times they are oblivious to accountability. on june 15 of last year, a
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couple cases of beer were stolen from a local wal-mart, you jump back into his dad's truck for a joyride and around the same time not too far away or in a mitchells suv stalled and coming to their aid, and he pulled over and her daughter lived nearby. minutes later she drove down that varies game road and killed them all. so even though he blew a .24 breathalyzer his lawyer said that he was a rich kid and it wasn't his fault and the judge bought the story. this happens every single day were knuckleheads are not only given a free pass but this accountability thing needs to be fought and paid for. so this time i think we need to have a different approach. older teens and young adults should actually face twice this.
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breaking laws are the same and they all know better and should face the same consequences. so let's talk about this a little bit. and i think that this is absolutely ridiculous when i see these young kids and i think that that's one of the things in this battle in this country that gives it a bad name. tonight at the lack of empathy as well as psychologists have talked about this. and 40% of these individuals have is lack of empathy. >> coming up next, a new assessment and we are going to make you some money and just
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charles: so today might have been in a 5 tea pot it does reflect uncertainty. this is a huge week for economic data ask corporate earnings, joining us, david nelson, you said, there is one word above all others that everyone needs to look for on wednesday, when the fedspeaks, what is it. >> word is conside considerable. used in phrase, considerable period of time, when they talk about fed acomp doing, if that -- accommodation, if that word
6:26 pm
is a not there you will see a reaction in the market. >> what does that mean? >> half of the economists on planet trying to figure out how long considerable is, consensus is about 6 months, not just yellen and ben bernanke that used that term considerable period of time, it goes back to alan greenspan. so i think people will look for it. charles:, you know everything' about employment. one of the fed's mandate is employment. last week president obama gave them some credit for job creation do they deserve any? >> i don't know if they directly deserve it, they are always watching and talking about the reports and job creation, i would love to see from fed is policy, to get more confidence on the employer side to make those hires, there is 4 million
6:27 pm
job openings every month, but when you look at how many jobs are going unfilled, a lot has to do with employer confidence. i would like policys and fed give more confidence and see the employers -- >> before i do that matt, if there is a sense when fed if fed drops considerable and market tanks, will you change what you are doing? >> i don't think there is anyway they drop it. >> matt is right, i don't think there is anybody on wall street, all notes i say nobody is looking for it. charles: 4 stock pictures, david, over week "new york times" a piece that compared skill of stock picks to odds of flipping a coin, i feel that is disen genius, being invested in market, that dealing with day-to-day emotions, throwing a dart, flipping a coin, getting a
6:28 pm
monkey to do it. having a baby walk over the football pages and poop somewhere. none of that has anything to do with real investing. >> every so often we see this article, and nobody disputes that over a long period of time, the average ph- mutual fund man. >> if i start a pro golf team, i don't' you on the team, i want tiger woods. charles: people ve invest with u there are 3 years then move on to met. >> they will duke it out. these studies think i can do this at home, i don't need to pay anybody to do it for me, but that is easier said than done, when emotions come in it people
6:29 pm
are buying, selling. >> i think you have to do an inventory check, they did this last week end based on a show we have on i mutual funds, i called my money manager, she lost me $2,000, she had to manage up. >> half of your money manager doing is keeping you in the game, making sure you don't reaction emotionally. charles: all right we'll leave it there, up next, how to prepare for whac what could be e most important week of the year, our pros with great advice for you. >> the name of the game is making money.
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charles: all right we're back with a page from payne's investment playbook, the market, we saw a lot of selling early oparticularly on good news, which is interesting, a budding trend picking up steam, two companies i watch, they should have been higher, i think smart money is been raising cash here the last week. i would say, interesting note for you, it is smart tip to raise some cash but tell losers, those two companies are not losers, raising cash from time to time is the right thing to do, i caution against panicking but accepting at some points market might pullback, when it does, here is the thing, i am more curious about, i had cumins today, cal maine was up, when you have company that has done everything right, they gave strong guidance i and the stock
6:34 pm
tanks what t do you do? >> it is hard to hold on, if the reason you bought is in still in place i would hold on. the opposite last week we talked about we sold winners that had good earnings perceiveed by market but we looked and said it was not that good under the hood, it sold into strength. i will say, you have to celluloseers. if yo you cannot sell those loss you will never be successful. charles: a lot of people do the opposite. >> what is your thresh hold, what constitutes a loser? i look at those stocks one of down 3%, and other down 2 points. charles: i am saying that earnings were phenomenal, and news was phenomenal, and wall street sold them off, for he iz hole those name -- hold those names and ignore what wall street did but average person
6:35 pm
does the opposite, i think they get in trouble. back to real, real deal, a slew of economy data to be releaseed this week, fed, gdp, jobs, a big week for your money, joannie, whether jobs what are you looking for? >> a lot to look for this week, adp report on wednesday, that sip resting they have -- that is interesting, we have unemployment claims which have been coming in record lows, then, friday is the big job report. for july. so, i know youing ask me -- yu will ask me, i am going to come up with a number of 250, higher than what the economists are predicting. i vi the -- i see the glass half full, we've seen strong revisions the last too months, i
6:36 pm
am paying special attention to, that i'm optis optimistic. >> i am interested to see what sdp is -- adpcircumstance we'll see what that comes we'll see. charles: you can't predict it friday night, all right, hinge ajobs report, a big deal, and a big deal because if it it is too good some people think that fed goes away, if it is not good enough people think we're a flash in the pan. >> last month i thought it would come in lower than it did, i am be joannie -- i am with joannie, feeling optimistic. charles: come on is there no 300? >> no one is that confident? >> no.
6:37 pm
it was huge last month. >> expectations for lower this month, 250 would be good, that is what the stock market would love, a little bit better than expected but not too high. charles: is there a number on top and bottom that will scare the market. >> i think above 300. and i am going down side 200, expectations are about 220. >> all right, thank you. hey, today was true merger monday, zillow and trilia, and dollar free and family dollar, what do they do for market, we'll talk about that. when we come back.
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charles: let's make a little bit of money, my stock suggestion a name i mentioned before but one that i think this everyone should look at, this is the second time i reiterated name on the show. major player on internet and technology. qihoo3 second technology. this company provides security for smartphones, pc, and apps, they clean out android stuff. i love when companies take market share among advertisers, they say this one stop 7 platfor7search isdome truss, cor they were enjoying 475 million monthly active users on pc. and more on mobile.
6:42 pm
i am being conservative, 124 my first target, a break out from there i think this bad boy is ofoff to the races, dave? >> i rail like this one, i didn't think so when i looked at numbers, i thought it was expensive but then i looked further, saw how fast it was growing it is growing 60%, a sexy space, sexy chart, sexy numbers. charles: do you trust china? >> that is the red flag. if we're going to knock this thing, that is the red flag, high hope is president is cleaning up the financial sectors there. >> is this about trusting china? some people any time you mention a chinese stock they say, i will skip that, a knee-jerk reaction. there have been some examples of chinese names that look good on paper but they collapse.
6:43 pm
>> i think that is why it trade oslo valuations, peg ratio. dave mentioned this stock is growing gan gangbusters, i looke it last month, i like it again today. chinese internet stocks are doing good and also the shanghai index is breaking out. charles: the chinese market is the hottest market in the world right now. >> eps right now, 106% up this year, i thought it was up because of hailly effect but looking into it, fundamentals of the company are spot on. >> i like it. charles: i really do. >> i will give you a comment, i think that from a job market and skills and demand looking at cyber security could and antivirus software, they are in one of the hottest industries. >> it is huge, cyber security is
6:44 pm
a big deal. >> and the jobs that are projected in the industry, you know just we'll have a big skull scalp. charles: dave we talk about china overall, any chinese holdings for you? >> none, with some issues brought up, i had a concern about the accounting issues there, it bro bo eithered me that the -- bothered me that big 6 are having trouble keeping their business there accounting issues have been so -- so bad for some of these names, if they can get bekwropbtdz this and beyond this and numbers are real this is a home run. >> a lot of people that are missing out opportunities just because of that. >> and i am one of them, it falls into high wheelhouse, i don't own it. charles: maybe a bunch of real good professionals can start buying it at $124, you used word home run that means team to give a shout out to hitha. friday, you said you were watching el pollo loco that
6:45 pm
stock went crazy, it could become next chip o chipotle. >> i am watching el pollo loco, a fresh fast-food chain based out of the west coast, it ipoed today, a market valuation of $700 million, 400 stores, expands to the east coast, they had 11 quarter -- is it the next chipotle? >> yes. charles: hitha, you messed up that spanish accent really badly. stock was up 1.43% in one dayltu want. >> else poe yo el pollo loco, h? >> they lost money for 7 straight years, expansion, 400 store, 80% l.a. >> but what did them extends into the east coast. >> they tried that in 2009.
6:46 pm
12 stores all 12 they are doing now? they are boarded up. >> it is going up. charles: were they ranked high in consumer reports. >> people love the chicken. >> i can't find a worse company on paper, loco. >> don't worry joannie we do player hating every now and then. >> they say set yourself up financially before you get hitched that meaned that millennials are waiting longer this put a ring on it. they are ready to go on this one we'll be right back. ♪
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so i know how important that is. charles: well the ways in which millennials think are different from any other generation, when it comes to marriage, millennials are saying, i don't. they or track on have lowest rate of marriage by age 40, upon further review, has marriage lost that appeal or phur millens not only lazy but are they afraid of commitment. kate, what the deal? >> i hope that first percent of my friends don't remain un-- 30% of my friends don't remain unmarried. i think a lot of young women in particular are putting their careers ahead of settles down, and buying a house, and having a
6:51 pm
kid. i don't think there is anything wrong with that, but there is a issue of there meeting married haves and singles have-nots, that concerns me. charles: joannie, you moreer or less have been able to have your cake and eat it too. >> you think so? >> i think so. charles: what is the deal, what would you tell a millennial, that might be intimidated by picking one or the career, the -- other, a career and marriage. >> i think what we're seeing with the millennials, is a lot of what kate said, they are career ambitious, they have a high sense of entitlement. i read a survey they think they will be better off than their parents, but what is interesting is they are not buying houses they are not getting married they are not set eggs down they will -- settling down they will have smaller familys it is a different generation. i think they are also learning from they have seen divorces,
6:52 pm
they have grown up with a higher divorce rate, they don't want to rush into something. >> there is nothing wrong with that. >> that is fine. >> first married add 40, and real one you married when you are french, i think that -- 47s, i would not get married begin until i am over 40, get settled financially, start a family then, instead of popping out a kid at 18. charles: hitha is getting married in a matter of days. >> i am, i cover retailer it is a good thing, people have more money, they are spending more it improves the economy. charles: it does improve, there is an economy an told this longer millennial delay the more it impacts the economy. >> a lot of millennials are fine with livinging it and buying together -- living together but not buying something together. >> mine and my boyfriend a parents say we have to live together before we get married,
6:53 pm
because they have been divorced. charles: they are saying shack up. >> yes. >> i have to answer to charles payne. charles: kate, i know have you a lot of act today on social media. >> fired up about our av flu enda -- affluenza rant. >> ironic thing about is that it results in the same mind set as somebody on welfare. charles: let's talk about, that they are rip or poor, they believe they are entitleed to something, waiting for society to give it to them. >> and you could say i'm too rich for it, same thing i'm stuck in welfare, and they have an excuse. >> and we're mistaken that affluenza is just for wealthy
6:54 pm
people, to that person's points, everyone is impacted, people think they are entitled. >> one more. easy to talk about av flew enda affluenza when you are rich yourself. >> joannie? >> i think it comes, back to -- a little bit of entitlement but as parents, i have two children, i think it is teaching accountability, and at young ages how to have moreisism empa. >> it is hard as a parent who grew up with nothing, you want to give your kids everything, it is hard to draw that line. >> it is hard, i have to take my son's cell phone are away but you have to teach them, do things like that. charles: moving the market in the morning? joannie? you are in the hot seat.
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charles: time for the hot seat, pros have 15 seconds they will tell you what is moving the market in the morning joannie. >> okay, so, they put me in hot seat first, all about jobs this week, adp, unemployment claims and friday the big job report looking for wages, revision, for last two months -- . charles: up or down with revisions? >> they will tick up slightly about 2% up. charles: hitha. >> i much watching american express, they are reporting earnings tomorrow, expecting a profit up $1.38 a share up from $1.27 a year ago this time, and expecting revenue to decline by
6:59 pm
1%, i bet they beat tomorrow. charles: kate. >> so, you know i love watching big insurers amid this big obamacare drama, aetna reports before the bell tomorrow morning, moody's said with that drama insurance industry has been downgradeed but the stocks have been doing great, i think aetna will do well. charles: matt. >> earnings report tomorrow, looking for a loss about one cent, revenue $2 83 million, looking at user world, 6%. i think that stock gets hit. charles: don't say it i am long twitter. >> time fo mine, i am rooting fr good economic data this week, i want the fed out of the picture. in a nation that cannot handle any pain, the ex is tapbgs of fed is atance of thefed it is ae
7:00 pm
not on your side, we had a fantastic show, thank you for watching, a lot of stuff to conservative in the morning, earnings respect but right now lou dobbs will take you to the next hour. lou: good evening, obama administration tonight no longer trying to hide its disdain for israel's campaign to defeat the radical i islamist terrorist grp hamas, senior presidential aides to state department all today, criticizeing prime minister netanyahu, and his government. despite the fact that a delicate weekend ceasefire was broken by hamas rockets, prime minister netanyahu stood firm in the face of such criticism, he told his nation to be ready for a prolonged campaign as he put it against


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